The full, formal name of the Club is “Port Bay Hunting and Fishing Club”. Duck and goose hunting during the fall and winter season tends to be the focus of the Club, but fishing opportunities at Port Bay and around Rockport should by no means be discounted. Port and Copano Bays have long offered some of the best fishing on the Texas Coast, and they still do.

Redfish, trout, flounder and drum are the prize catches of the area, and as anyone with a taste for good seafood knows, they are well worth the effort. Fishing can be done from the end of the Club’s long pier, or members can use the small skiffs to fish the Bay and shallows anytime throughout the year. During duck season, the energies of the manager and guides are mostly devoted to hunting. But during other times of year, the manager and guides know the Bay and fishing as well as anyone on the Coast and, with reasonable prearrangement, will take members on guided fishing expeditions from the Club.

In addition to the Club’s facilities, Rockport is a favorite Texas vacation spot and fishing port. It is home base to many captains with well-outfitted charter boats of all sizes who can take you on about any kind of fishing trip you want. In this capacity, the Club functions as a pleasant and economical overnight accommodation where members are known and valued, and where they can always count on good meals and the Club’s friendly hospitality. Members who are ardent fishermen have stories to tell of ice chests carted back home containing 40 to 60 pounds of Texas redfish and flounder.